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Thursday, 13 February 2014 00:00

LTG, Reggae Band From Nashville

A time period spent travelling and busking for food money inspired "Fall Away," a track from Nashville reggae Band The LTG.

"We had no money in our pocket, just a drum and a guitar and a fiddle and we just went from rest-stop to rest-stop to town to town, playing music on the street," says James Letorgeon, who sings and plays guitar and fiddle in the group.

"A lot of people didn't understand that. 'What do your parents think?' You know, it's OK to fall away sometimes until you kind of find yourself and find your way"

The LTG also features James' brother, singer/guitarist Morgan Letorgeon, as well as bassist Samantha Joelle and drummer Dan Twiford.

On Feb. 15, the band will play a free 9 p.m. show at Humphrey's Bar & Grill, located at 103 Washington St. James. James Leteorgeon called for this phone interview from outside a Greek restaurant in Nashville.

James, The LTG bio states talks about the band "performing acoustically on peaceful beaches. What was the best beach to play music on?

Oh man, Venice Beach, California. It's the one place you can see people truly be themselves and everybody accept that. Whether you're a crazy bum doing your thing or a rich doctor surfing or a crack-head, everybody there is living life to the fullest and how they want to do it.

How would you describe Nashville's reggae scene?

Very supportive and loving. And growing.

Who's a reggae artist you feel in underrated?

I think Clinton Fearon. I really love his stuff and you don't see him as big as some of the other guys. And there's a band called Rootz Underground, totally underrated. Raging Fyah, totally underrated. They're getting heard, but not on the field they should be.

Can you remember some of the earliest songs you and your brother learned to play together when you were just starting out as musicians?

First one off the bat was "House of the Rising" sun. We played that and a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers, too. "Californication" was like the second song we learned. He was playing bass and I was playing some guitar.

Since you play fiddle as well as guitar in The LTG, I was wondering how you thought fiddle fit into reggae music?

Fiddle is really a heart-string puller. Reggae is a rally heartfelt music, and the fiddle drags more emotion into it.

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