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Ephraim Juda Released Coming Home 2010

ephraimMp3-download flatrates, fashion trends, casting shows, daily soaps and one hit wonders. Music at sale, polished to high glance. Todays fast-moving world requires sustainability in order to be remembered. Ephraim Juda has got what is very often missing nowadays. He is doing timeless music that stuns due to its distinct character and passionate attitude. Music that deeply moves people. In June 2010 he released is debut album “Coming Home” in cooperation with Urban Tree Music.

At ease, with uncompromising vocals and conscious lyrics he presents himself, delivering a 12 tracks compassing album that is proving its beauty and artistic proficiency with every single bar. It’s marked by songs with catchy melodies and well composed instrumentals, overwhelming backing vocals and an impressing voice of the singer, modern roots reggae with singer-songwriter qualities.

Ephraim Juda: ”Coming home means to obtain a feeling of love and security. In addition to that it means reaching some sort of inner stage. You dealt with something quite a long time and finally know what you want. You are home. This is what I try to refer to in my music as I want to share that feeling. As most people do not know me yet, I like introduce myself to them with “Coming Home”. The album was co-produced and mixed by the German producer and singer “Ganjaman” in his “Growkammer” studios. Responsible for the mastering was the legendary Kevin Metcalfe who worked for Paul McCartney, U2, Shaggy and Dennis Brown to just name a few.

“In his songs Ephraim Juda tries to concentrate on the small things and those that actually surround him. It’s not his intention to aspire generality in his statements but rather more to share and reflect his personal thoughts and experiences. The 40Fiyah band acts with him not only live on stage but also recorded the majority of songs with him. Due to the consistent mix of own productions and collaborations with for instance the “Far East Band” or “Big Finga/Feueralarm”, one must count his album to one of the best releases in 2010.” --

On Coming Home you are furthermore going to find guest appearances of Jahcoustix, Reedoo (Culcha Candela) and Sara Lugo, as well as international productions with the outstanding Hungarian guitarist and singer Boti and the French band Dub Akom. Ephraim Juda, born and raised in Berlin, presents a firstling strongly affected by reggae music but even more importantly sets the song and its needs in the acoustic centre. That’s why his songwriting distinctly sets him apart from the average and arbitrariness of todays productions. Now, after an almost two years lasting working process, it’s ultimately time for his debut album “Coming Home”, that was released in June 2010.

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