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Hawaiian Reggae Band Coming To Guam

thegreenHawaii's freshest, chart-topping reggae band The Green makes its Guam debut next week, and the six island guys can't believe their success.

Their self-titled debut album "The Green," was named iTunes Best Reggae Album of 2010. The album has been one of Billboard's top 10 reggae albums for 49 consecutive weeks. They currently sit at number three, beating out "The Best of Bob Marley."

"We didn't think our album was going to do what it did, but it took off and it's really exciting," says guitarist and lead-vocalist JP Kennedy, whose group plays Jan. 29 at Hotel Santa Fe in Tamuning.

The group never really set out to make an album. They say they came together by fate, and simply started recording.

"We've been around each other playing music for a really long time, and eventually we were all left without bands and wanting to keep the music going," says keyboardist and vocalist Ikaika Antone.

The group got together, recorded new music in Kennedy's studio, and eventually realized they had an album.

"We had a bunch of recorded stuff and decided to do something with it. We put the album out, and things just took off from there," Kennedy says.

As for the key to their success, they say it's their true love of all music.

"We're all studio musicians, we song-write, produce and keep things evolving. We do everything," Kennedy says.

Though classified as a reggae band, the music is a combination of different influences.

"Reggae, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Hawaiian and even Rock and Roll. It's all wrapped up in to stories of our lives, ... we love all types of music," Antone says.

Though the CD has been so successful, it doesn't do their sound justice, Kennedy says.

"The live show is amazing. We like to get pretty nuts on stage. We're loud, we get the crowd involved and it turns into a big raging party," Kennedy says.

"We're a group of guys that love music, jamming our hearts out on stage. There's laughing, dancing, messing around, face-melting guitar solos and maybe even some crying," Thompson adds.
Island love

They love their fans from Guam, and hope to show the people an awesome night out. Though a few have been to Guam as members of Ooklah the Moc and Humble Soul, this will be the first time for some, and their first time as a group.

"Our Facebook page is filled with Guam fans asking us to please come to Guam and play," guitarist and vocalist Zion Thompson says.

People from Guam attend almost every show, many times beating out the crowd from Hawaii.

They're excited to come to Guam and give the fans what they want, and can't wait to "connect with their Chamorro brothers and sisters," Antone says.

They will spend four days on island to perform, see the sights and get some grub at Jamaican Grill.

"We're stoked," Antone says.


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