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Opinion: Top Ten Reggae Artists Of All Time

You love reggae music, but you would really appreciate it if someone came along and gave you a simple list of the greatest reggae singers of all time. In that case, this nice article is for you. Sit back and grab some popcorn for this!

Number Ten: Denis Brown

He started singing at age 9. He released a stream of hits in the 70s that propelled him into the global stage. He recorded great hits with other reggae giants like Mutabaruka, Beres Hammond and Gregory Isaacs.

Number Nine: Gregory Isaacs

Nick named “The Cool Ruler,” this guy was the most exquisite of the reggae singers of his time. He made sure to convey the message of love and deep affection to mirror the social life in his neighborhoods. He also spoke out against drugs.

Number Eight: Bunny Waile

He’s the only surviving member of The Wailers. Neville O’Riley Livingston still lives as a great reggae legend.

Number Seven: Burning Spear

Over the course of his career, Winston Rodney won 3 Grammy Awards for his great hits. The name “Burning Spear” was coined as an inspiration from Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta, during the Mau Mau struggle for independence.

Number Six: Jimmy Cliff

Also known as Jimmy Chambers, this singer made his debut at age 14, after which he even went on to win the Order Of Merit awarded by the Jamaican government. Leslie Kong was his long-time producer.

Number Five: Tanya Stephens

She came into the industry in the 90s, and has since made a name internationally. She’s also a songwriter. She can really play with words!

Number Four: Peter Tosh

He was the most militant of The Wailers, a reggae group that also included Bob Marley. He later went out on his own and had a great career. His songs mostly disapproved of politics and the political system.

Number Three: Culture

This was a great reggae band formed in 1976, though Joseph Hill has been the only member still in the group constantly. He took the group’s name when it broke up in 1981. Culture has made an international name, no doubt!

Numer Two: Black Uhuru

First known as “Uhuru,” (Swahili for “Freedom”), this group was formed in 1972. Surprisingly, their first album won them a Grammy award in 1985!

Number One: Greatest: Bob Marley

Commonly known as Bob Marley, Robert Nester Marley was born of Cedella Booker (a black jamaican lady) with Norval Marley (white) as the father. At 10, he lost his dad and dropped out of school to go into music. He’s built his fame off his great hit, “No Woman No Cry.”

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