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Reggae On Soul

Reggae On Soul

Reggae musician, Anthony King, affectionately called Black Amber, last week-end performed live to launch his nine-track album titled Reggae On Soul.

The 53-year old reggae musician, with support from the Biibiba Band, rocked the Kenyabia Entertainment Centre at Tabora No 5 in Accra with an exquisite performance, exhibiting experience and versatility in roots reggae music, and compelling the audience to ask for more.

Black Amber, the songster cum school proprietor, waved a white handkerchief as he performed.

The Kenyabia Centre was electrified when he performed items like Obaa Soronko and Mara Medea.

Rastafarians turned up in their numbers at the event and they danced their hearts out to Black Amber’s music.

The titles of the songs on the album are ‘Give I Ya Love’, ‘Reggae On The High Street’, ‘Madiba’, ‘Pain in My Heart’ and ‘Walk to Heaven.’

The rest are: ‘Why Guys Can’t Say’, ‘Yes Gal’, ‘Come Back Home’, and ‘New Night In The Jungle.’ The album was mastered in South Africa, and the emcee for the occasion, Black Santino, who is also a radio presenter, praised Black Amber for coming out with a good album.

In a brief speech, Black Amber said black music and reggae music is not devilish, adding that: “reggae music is peaceful music. It’s about the hardships of man and the reality on the ground.”

The launch also gave the platform for up-and- coming artistes like Benni Yaroo and Liz Love King, Black Amber’s daughter, to perform live.

Fans would also not forget John Atanga, who played an instrument from Northern Ghana, singing in both Builsa and English.


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