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New Reggae Artist Doing Big Things

A Bermudian reggae artist is making positive strides in Jamaica — the birthplace of the music genre.

Since moving to Jamaica permanently seven years ago, Adam Mayo, who goes by the stage name of Magma, has released one album and is currently working on his second.

His debut album, titled “Conscious Fire”, proved to be popular in Jamaica with three tracks on the album (“Too Much Concrete”, “Babylon” and the title track) receiving considerable airplay on local radio.

His latest project, a roots song titled “Emmanuel”, is a precursor to his debut album and is due to be released by the end of the year.

The song is being produced by Paul Lowe-Chin for Chiney K Records, one of several producers the Bermudian has worked with since moving to the Caribbean in the hope of making a name for himself on the reggae scene.

Magma, who previously went by the stage name of Mango Seed, is signed by Jamaican reggae label DownSound who produced the artist’s song “Blowing in the Wind” which he rates as his most popular Jamaican release to date.

“When I Cry”, another DonwSound production, is one of Magma’s most recent recordings.

“All of these songs are the groundwork for what’s going on now,” he was quoted as saying in a recent interview with the Jamaican Observer. “Wi put a lot of work in dis project, and hopefully people will like it.”

Mr Mayo, 35, grew up in Warwick and attended Saltus Grammar School before furthering his education in England, which is the birthplace of his father William.

The budding reggae artist began singing during his mid-teens and was influenced by reggae greats such as the late Bob Marley, The Congos and Burning Spear. Magma moved to Jamaica in 2006 in search of more recording opportunities.

But even though the artist is making steady strides in the Jamaican reggae industry, the big breakthrough still eludes him.

“Sometimes I do get frustrated,” he admitted. “But the important thing is to be positive.”

Magma’s manager Josef Bogdanovich reckons the Bermudian artist is on the right track.

“He is definitely finding his voice,” he was quoted as saying in an article on Bernews. “We’re already getting some calls for him in Europe, so it looks kinda promising.”

Magma has performed at shows in Jamaica and England where he was once introduced by Bob Marley’s son Julian at a concert in Leicester Square, London, organised by one of Prince Charles’ charities.

He contributed a track to the “Ride the Wave” charity CD, which raised thousands for the Coalition for the Protection of Children’s school breakfast programme.

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