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Alborosie Rub A Dub Roots Reggae

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Describing his latest compilation as a 'rub-a-dub roots-reggae' album, international reggae superstar Alborosie says he is going back to basics for his fourth effort.

Already scheduled for a July release under the Greensleeves label, Alborosie told The Sunday Gleaner that Sound The System echoes his 20 years as a reggae aficionado.

After the eclectic nature of his third vocal solo album 2 Times Revolution, the Sicily-born reggae star says this new album is more traditional. With a guest list that extends to the Abyssinians, Ky-Mani Marley, up-and-coming singer Nature and Italian singer Nina Zilli, Sound The System promises to wow music lovers.

"The Abyssinians is one of the greatest roots reggae bands, and Ky-Mani is one of my good bredrin from long time. I did a lot of songs with him so the combination is a must," Alborosie said.

Though he has founded his own Shengen Entertainment record label, Alborosie has still opted to release his album with a major distributor.


"Mi nuh really watch the market, the market haffi watch me because my music is roots-reggae inspired by spirituality. My music is a mission. One thing I can say is that when you sign with a major label, you have a lot of restrictions," he said.

Though reggae music is only now just enjoying a revival in Jamaica, Alborosie points out that the love for the genre globally has not waned.

"Reggae always been there, all over the world. Some people in Jamaica say the foreigners are now doing what we (Jamaicans) are supposed to be doing, you cannot promote your music and your music reach to a different level and you expect that you will be the only one still doing it. My hope is that the tradition of roots-reggae music is from Rasta. Just as how the Christians have gospel music, Rastas created roots reggae. My hope is that the youths dem nowadays not only push roots reggae because dem can eat a food, but because they see the need for the spirituality that is missing," he said.

Though he sees potential and respects all artistes, Alboroise told The Sunday Gleaner that he would only want to collaborate with an artiste that is focused.

"I respect all the artistes because I know what it takes to be an artiste and I understand the journey of an artiste, and I have to give credit to all of dem. Jamaican artistes tend to give you one roots song, den dem give you a pop song, den a love song, den a gal tune, so sometimes I'm confused. I want to do a song with an artiste that is focused on one pattern. I like Protoje, Chronixx and Jah9. I love Queen Ifrica," a smiling Alborosie stated.

Alborosie told The Sunday Gleaner that his biggest dream for the industry is to see a spiritual revolution.

"I just want to see Rasta coming back to the real ting - righteousness and justice. We talking about equal rights and justice, and in Jamaica we need a lot of justice. We need to clean up the scene. I say we because mi deh ya long time and mi have mi good good Jamaican passport. My wish for the industry is to come back with some level of righteousness and the music will automatically reflect that."

With the summer fast approaching, Alborosie is booked solid. His tour will make stops in Europe, South America and the United States.

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