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Reggae Star Was Centre Of Drug Op

Smiley CultureDeceased reggae star 'Smiley Culture' masterminded a £400,000 cocaine supply plot from his Surrey mansion, the trial of his alleged conspirators was told on Monday.

The singer - whose real name was David Emanuel - was charged and on bail when he allegedly stabbed himself through the heart on March 15 last year during a police drugs raid at his Warlingham home.

Lloyd McCalla, 51, of Temple Avenue, Dagenham, and 27 year-old Carlene Wilson, of Ilford, have both pleaded not guilty to conspiring with Mr Emanuel, 48, and Lloyd's son Ryan, 30, to supply cocaine between June 30 and July 2, 2010.

Prosecutor, Tom Little, told Croydon Crown Court: "This involves a well organised drugs conspiracy to supply a kilo of cocaine, involving at least four individuals.


"David Emanuel was the main organiser of the conspiracy and needed these drugs distributed and that is where the McCalla family come in."

But the jury were told they would not need to consider a verdict in relation to Mr Emanuel.

"Police attended his home again on March fifteen last year in relation to a different drugs conspiracy and Mr Emanuel stabbed himself and died. He committed suicide," said Mr Little.

On July 2, 2010 undercover police were staking out Mr Emanuel's home in Hillbury Road, Warlingham when Lloyd and Ryan, who has pleaded guilty to the charge, arrived at 7.45pm.

"It must have been at this point the drugs were handed over by Mr Emanuel to the McCalla's and taken out by Ryan," Mr Little told the jury.

"Ryan walked with a bag containing the cocaine to a taxi, where Wilson was waiting and she was given the drugs and the taxi drove off.

"The McCalla's followed behind and the taxi was stopped by police and the drugs were found in the bag between the feet of Wilson."

When analysed, the drugs were found to be 77 per cent pure cocaine.

The trial is due to last three weeks.

Mr Emmanuel’s family have been campaigning for an IPCC investigation into his arrest and death.


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