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Shaggy Visits Missionaries Of The Poor

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PERHAPS THE artiste with the biggest heart - Shaggy - came to visit with Missionaries of the Poor at Lord's Place.

We met at CVM a few months ago. His comment was, "I'll do anything to help you, father." What struck me was his sincerity, and so I called him.

"I will come tomorrow!" His response was immediate and, so said, so done. There was Shaggy with his family members (who I happened to know) and some friends full of enthusiasm to visit our monastery and then our home on Higholborn Street.

For all his stardom, Shaggy is like everybody's big brother. He embraced all the kids and was especially taken by Bob, one of our orphans born with only one leg, one arm, shortened fingers, no toes, but full of gladness - four years old.

Shaggy swept Bob off his feet, and Bob gave Shaggy a kiss on the cheek and then he wiggled on his mattress playing with Shaggy. They hugged and it seemed as though Shaggy was a child once again.

Desire To Help

He seemed very much at home. Simple, yet clearly a man of intelligence, he asked questions about the people: how can he help? What do they need? What can be done to improve their activity and mobility?

At the home for HIV people destitute and abandoned, he was again, like a big brother. He was not at all in a hurry. He did not run away from our HIV people. He wanted to be with them, and they sensed his appreciation for them.

Then we visited on the same grounds the elderly men and women at Lord's Place. "How many do you have in all, father?" I told him we have 650, then there are free clinics and a soup kitchen. Missionaries of the Poor feed over five million meals annually.

"Don't worry, Father! We are going to help. I know some good guys. Sly, Robbie, and Tarrus, they will also record for us."

Imagine the most talented singing and making music for the poorest of people.

King David will be happy with all of this. King David is a great poet and musician. I said to myself, "The King David production at the arena will be great!"

We listened to some tracks my friend Wynton Williams had put down in our studio. "We will record these tracks," he said, pointing to the song Rise Up. Shaggy, Sly, Robbie, and Tarrus are now doing the tracks Rise Up from King David, which we will present at the National Arena, beginning May 9 at 7:30 p.m.

What an unusual island Jamaica is: With unusually talented people, and, an unusual mixture of people: all trying to build up this struggling island of ours. If we stay focused on the Lord and our poor people, all will be well and our future will be bright.

Remember, the arena is usually packed up for our annual production!

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